Throughout your Harvest experience, when you read Content or visit a Company Page, you will notice a Blue "Follow" or "Subscribe" button next to the Author or Company's name. 

Let's take a look at how this works:

Follow Firms and Authors

When you find a firm or author that you’re interested in, click the Blue Button located at the top of every firm and author profile. 

By clicking this button, you are now Following the Author or Firm.  This means:
  • This Author's content will have a higher priority in your Content Feed

  • You'll be able to filter your Content Feed by only the Authors or Companies that you Follow

  • You can opt to receive real-time, or daily, email notifications anytime Authors that you Follow post content. Essentially, you are creating your own personal, Customized Email newsletter from the Companies and Individuals that you care about (Click here to learn how to adjust your Notification Settings)

Manage Your Notifications

As a default, you’ll be notified real time when a Company or Author you follow posts content. However, you can customize how often you would like to receive notifications of new content by going to the Notifications section under your settings. (Learn more about User Settings)

Receive Your Email Notifications 

When a Company or Author you follow publishes new content, you’ll receive an email from “Your Harvest Notifications” providing a short summary of the post.  If you’re following Companies but haven’t received a notification in awhile, be sure to check your SPAM filters. 

Example of a Personal, Customized Notification Email

Manage Who You Follow

Under the Explore section, you can find all of the firms you are following. To unfollow a firm, simply click the check mark at the top right corner of the Company you would like to unfollow.