For asset managers, engaging with clients is expensive and inefficient. Despite living in a digital world, efficiencies have not evolved beyond emails, phone calls and in person meetings. This has led to an environment characterized by excessive noise and spam in place of relevance and value. Harvest aims to reverse the current state by promoting aligned incentives and true investor engagement.

The original conception of Harvest was to use technology to create a scalable online marketplace where investment firms of all sizes could communicate their value proposition to potential investors, and those investors could access the various propositions via reverse inquiry. As Harvest CEO, Peter Hans, mentions in an article written by COOConnect


"Whether you are starting an RIA, hedge fund or really any investment organization, I had noticed that you always face the same pain points in building a successful firm. You have to ensure that a relevant audience knows who you are and what you stand for, convert that audience into clients and then deliver them a value proposition they are prepared to pay for, and deliver it to them consistently. Yet the ways we were going about solving those pain points were expensive, inefficient and painful for both sides. Despite the falling price and growing power of technology and communications, nothing had changed."