There are several actions you can take when Reading a Piece of Content on Harvest

Author - Content Header:

  • Click on the Author's Name to go directly to their Profile Page
  • Follow the Author clicking the "Follow" button.  This will help curate your Content Feed with content from this firm, and will allow you to receive real-time notifications whenever they post content (Learn more about Following)

Sharing and Bookmarking:

  • When you view a Harvest post, you will see a series of social icons along the top of the post. By clicking on one of these icons, you can share the URL of this post by email, or to your Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Google+ profiles.  You can link your social media accounts in your User Settings.
  • You can also Bookmark any piece of content to read later in your Bookmarks tab, by clicking the Bookmark icon (Read more about Bookmarks)

Rate the Content

  • At the bottom of every piece of content, you can "Upvote" or "Downvote" the content.  Your answers are private, they are never displayed, and the Author will not see this.  But this information helps Harvest's Recommendation Engine get smarter so that it can serve you content that is most relevant to you. (Learn more about Rating Content here)

Unlock Additional Content

  • On some pieces of Harvest content, you'll see an option to Unlock or Access additional, Exclusive content.  This is your option.  By attempting to unlock, you may be asked for additional information about yourself that the Author deems necessary before granting you access.  Once you unlock a piece of content, you will have access to any and all Exclusive content from this Author.  However, you will have to unlock content separately for other Firms who with Exclusive content.  (Learn more about Exclusive Content here)