There are several actions you can take when visiting a Company's Profile Page on Harvest

Follow the Company:

  • Follow the Company by clicking the "Follow" button.  This will help curate your Content Feed with content from this company, and will allow you to receive real-time notifications whenever this company posts content (Learn more about Following)

Search content from this Company only:

  • When you search for content on a Company's Page, you are searching through this specific company's repository of content, and not searching the rest of Harvest.

Unlock Exclusive Content, and see what else the Company is offering:

  • On many company Profiles on Harvest, you'll see a box on the right side of their page with an option to Unlock or Access additional, Exclusive content.  This is your option.  By attempting to unlock, you may be asked for additional information about yourself that the Author deems necessary before granting you access.  Once you unlock a piece of content, you will have access to any and all Exclusive content from this Author.  However, you will have to unlock content separately for other Firms who with Exclusive content.  (Learn more about Exclusive Content)