How to Bookmark Content

When reading a piece of Content on Harvest, you'll see an option to Bookmark this content to read later in your Bookmarks tab. Simply click the Bookmark icon on the right side of the content.

Where can I access my Bookmarked Content?

On the Harvest Main Content Dashboard, you'll see a "Bookmarks" option on the left side.  Click this, and you'll see a list of your Saved Content.  If you want to remove a post from your Bookmarks, simply click any or all of the Blue Bookmark icons on the right side of each piece of content.

What else can I do with my Bookmarked Content?

If you're a Contributor of Content, you can reference and link to someone else's content in your own Posted Content.  In Content Entry, you'll see a "Bookmarks" icon in the Editing Toolbar.  When you click this, a list of your Bookmarked content will appear, and you can insert a link to this piece of content in your own content.  (Click here to learn more about Contributing Content)

The finished post will embed a post-card of the Bookmarked Post