After you have set up your Company Profile (See: "Setting up your Company Profile"), you will now have the ability to edit your Company Profile and Request Verification. 

Your Company Profile Settings

In your Settings, you will now see a new section called "Firm Settings".  Within here, there will be a link to your newly created Company Page. 

You can also Edit your Settings anytime by going to your newly created Page, and clicking "Edit Settings"

Editing your Company Profile

From your Company Page Settings, you'll see 5 options:

  • About:  A description of your Company profile which will Display for visitors of your Page
  • Design:  Upload the images that will display on your Company Profile
  • Members: The ability to add additional members/employees to your Company Profile is a Premium Feature (Learn more about Premium Features)
  • Compliance:  Setup Archiving and Pre-Approval (Learn more about Compliance Features)
  • More Options: Verify your Page and set it to "Live Mode"

Verifying your Company Profile and Setting it Live

Once your Company Page looks the way you want it, you can verify it and turn it Live.  

  • Switch to Live Mode:  Your Company Page is in Preview Mode an only viewable to you until you switch it to Live Mode.   
  • Verifying your Company Page:  This will make your Page visible in the "Explore" section of Harvest, and will allow your Posted Content to show up on the Harvest Exchange Feed (Learn more about Posting Content)