See "How to Publish" before you continue reading

This article covers the individual Components of the Content Entry Box:

  • Publish As
  • Publish To
  • Title
  • Writing & Editing Toolbox
  • Add Tags
  • Add Attachments
  • Sharing your Content to Social Media

"Publish As"

Depending on your settings, you will have the option to publish as yourself, your Company, or another individual that has granted you permission to post as them (for more on posting as others, see Authorship).  Who you select in "Publish As" will affect who shows up as the Author of your Content. 

The Results of your Posts in the Harvest Feed

"Publish To"

By Default, you can publish content to Harvest (which will be displayed to all Harvest users) and to any and all Company Pages that you have access to.  This influences where readers can find your content (the more places you publish to, the more entry points readers will have to your content)


This determines how your content will display to readers.   We recommend a Title around 7 words long for optimal open rates.  

Writing & Editing Toolbox:

These features allow you to write, and edit, the content that you publish.  Some helpful hints:

  • You can embed a YouTube video and it will display in-line
  • You can hyperlink any text, image or video
  • You can reference and include any Bookmarked content that you read elsewhere on Harvest (Read more about Bookmarks)
  • You can write your content from scratch, or copy/paste from an external blog or source (all formatting will be retained)

Add Tags:

Tagging your content will aid in search and discovery on Harvest.  Our algorithms are trained to spot outliers though, so tag with accuracy for best results.  You can use a free-hand tag, or select from the drop-down menu.  

Add and Feature Attachments:

Harvest supports .PDF, .JPG, .XLSX, .DOC.  These documents and images will be displayed inline when someone reads your Content.

If you have multiple attachments, you can choose which image is "Featured" when people see your content. 

The finished Post Card that people see in their Feed will look like this: 

Sharing your Content to Social Media

Select your social media accounts before you hit Publish, and Harvest will automatically send your new Content to your Social Media Accounts.  See more about linking your Social Media accounts here.

Hit Publish

That's it... your content is ready to be published as soon as you hit the blue Publish Button.   Here are some examples of what your finished content will look like when read on Harvest: