We approach the needs of the financial services space as a legacy problem that can be solved through technology. This differs from the digital version of traditional media advertising. Historically we’ve seen asset managers and financial services firms pour millions of dollars into archaic forms of digital advertising - such as banner ads - simply because that’s what was offered. The metrics used to measure ROI have been manufactured to measure something that isn’t measurable, or how like a correlation between a Super Bowl commercial and sales could simply be coincidental.

We approach marketing in financial services as something that requires ROI and something that exists to solve a problem. Today that problem is better engaging and understanding the needs and interests of clients. Yes, we execute on this through distribution and scale, but we focus on delivering value by measuring metrics that can prove engagement. Ultimately, if the content is valuable to our client’s end customer then the engagement metrics will improve - further informing our clients of what works and what doesn’t - further enhancing the engagement opportunities with the target customer.