What is Vosterra?

Vosterra is Harvest's a white-label distribution and private portal solution, engineered to maximize engagement between organizations and their most critical relationships. Vosterra is trusted by asset managers, financial advisors, research firms and member organizations to significantly improve business operations while reducing archaic infrastructure and expenses.

Vosterra services are offered separate from Harvest, but are often used in conjunction with Harvest (see how Harvest & Vosterra are used together).

To learn more about Vostera, go to www.vosterra.com.

Why did we build Vosterra?

As investors ask for more transparency from asset managers, communication has become increasingly important to attract and retain investors. It’s no longer possible to retain an investor based on fund performance alone-- investors want to understand how and where their money is being invested. Thus, it is becoming increasingly important to send meaningful communications to investors that is accessible anywhere, anytime.