Made a mistake?  No worries, you can edit your content at any time. 

Navigate to the Post that you just published, and look at the row of options above your Profile.  You'll see 4 options enabling you to

  • Edit your Content
  • Delete your Content
  • View Analytics on your Content
  • See where your content was published

Editing your Content

Click the Edit Icon (Pencil), and you'll be able to edit any components of your post.  You can change:

  • Where the Post is published
  • The Title
  • The body
  • Your Tags
  • Add/Subtract any attachments

When you're finished, simply hit "Update"

Deleting your Content

Click the Trash Can icon, and you'll be presented with a confirmation screen. Once you confirm, your content will be removed.

Viewing where your content was Published

Click the People Icon, and you'll see which areas of Harvest your content will appear.  By default, your content will always appear on Harvest, but you can also make it appear on your own Company Page, or even to Private Exclusive Groups only accessible via your Company page.